Bids for community center at fairgrounds rejected; more information needed – Sterling Journal-Advocate

It’s back to square one for the addition of the Exhibit Center to Logan County Fairgrounds.

Logan County commissioners on Tuesday rejected two offers they had received on a possible addition to the exhibit center, to be used as a community center. Commissioner Jane Bauder, who led the project, said the two bids were more than $1 million apart and offered two different types of projects.

Bauder said one of the bids was for design and engineering only and the other included construction.

“They didn’t have enough information on the (request for proposal) to know what they were bidding on,” Bauder said.

Commissioners will send out a new RFP and use a more detailed process to obtain project information from bidders. Bauder even suggested meeting with members of the community to see if a community center is something people want, or if they’d rather the funds be spent on upgrading the expo center itself.

The project is funded in part by a private donation of $500,000, the donor of which wishes to remain anonymous at this time. Bauder said if it is determined that an addition to the community center is not feasible or affordable, the donation will be spent on upgrading the exhibit center.

Bauder again withdrew from the meeting while the board considered an amended special use permit by Bauder’s company, Sterling RV, LLC, to operate a 14-berth RV park at 16327 Highway 14. Location is about half a mile west of existing Bauder. RV park and head office, and is on the north side of the road. The permit had previously been approved, but the documents were discovered to contain language the county no longer uses for special use permits and needed to be corrected, requiring another round of approval.

In other matters on Tuesday, counsel:

  • Approval of a special event liquor license for NJC Young Farmers for their annual truck and tractor raffle taking place on June 18th. The raffle is an important fundraiser for the group;
  • Accepted an offer of $132 per ton for asphalt for the county’s paving program and forwarded the offer to Superintendent of Roads and Bridges Jeff Reeves for review;
  • Approved a tax abatement in the amount of $37.21 for property donated to the Town of Crook;
  • Approved an agreement with Turn Key Health Clinics, LLC, to provide mental health care services to the county jail;
  • Approved a $3,500 request from the Logan County Lodging Tax Board for the annual Colorado flatlanders “Rod Run”;
  • Approval of a fireworks permit application for Sterling Boat Club for a fireworks display on July 2 or 3, weather permitting.

Jill E. Washington