Bank of Hawaii: Hawai’i Announces $400,000 Community Investment to Celebrate 125th Anniversary

Bank of Hawai’i today announces that it will invest approximately $400,000 to meet community needs through its annual 125 programand Birthday party. Incorporated on December 17, 1897, Bank of Hawai’i is committed to strengthening communities through philanthropic support, hands-on volunteerism, sponsorships, board membership and employee donations .

“Caring for our community is intrinsic to Bank of Hawai’i, and we can think of no better way to recognize this milestone anniversary than by investing in the future of the people we are privileged to serve,” said Peter Ho, President. , President and CEO of Bank of Hawaii. “As we celebrate and embark on the next 125 years and beyond, we look forward to contributing to the longevity of our home island, both in the State of Hawaii and in the Western Pacific.”

To preserve the environment and help fight climate change, Bank of Hawai’i is partnering with the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative (HLRI) to plant 125 trees per week for one year on behalf of the bank. Trees provide many benefits, including purifying the air by absorbing polluting gases that cause global warming. Forest replenishment is necessary for the ecosystem – a single large tree can provide a day’s supply of oxygen for up to four people. In total, the 6,500 trees that this company will produce will be planted by HLRI across the state (on the island of O’ahu and Hawai’i). Additionally, Bank of Hawai’i plans to partner with an organization to invest in a similar program in the Western Pacific region.

In an effort to support a wide range of causes, Bank of Hawai’i also invites its employees to help the community. Each BOH employee will have the opportunity to select a nonprofit organization of their choice, for the Bank of Hawaii Foundation to donate $125. With approximately 2,100 employees, the final donation would amount to more than $260,000 in additional funds for communities in Hawaii and the Western Pacific region.

In its landmark year, Bank of Hawai’i is honored to celebrate the official language of Hawai’i by adding the ‘okina to its logo/name, and will begin embedding the change throughout the organization where the logo is. used.

To learn more about Bank of Hawaiʻi’s history, please visit for a digital timeline of the bank’s accomplishments, milestones and community support, as well as videos featuring our employees and our customers.

Jill E. Washington