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Iona Lee / Chronicle

Juniors prepare packets of snacks to give to The People’s Concern at their class reunion. Before preparing the packages, the students had the opportunity to learn about roaming and the mission of The People’s Concern.

The Community Council hosted the annual Community Service Week, where the school hosts various programs and clubs on campus from November 15-18. Community service activities were planned for each level during class reunion hours, and clubs had the option of hosting service events on the Quad.

During the class reunion, the sophomores packed hygiene kits for the LA mission as part of Community Service Week. (Iona Lee / Chronicle)

The community council has hosted different organizations based on grade levels; sophomores made hygiene kits for the LA mission, juniors made snacks for The People Concern, and seniors listened to Special Olympics speakers.

The second day of community service proved to be insightful for many, like Nuzzy Sykes ’24, who thought it was a great way to initiate change as a team.

“It’s great to see that everyone is stepping up to help create some kind of change by working together,” said Sykes. “I think it’s great that we are reaching underprivileged communities in Los Angeles, and even [Los Angeles] too much.”

Community council member Ella Goldberg ’23 said she was thrilled to organize a food drive at the school thanks to her continued involvement with The People Concern.

It’s great to see that everyone is stepping up to help create some kind of change by working together.

– Nuzzy Sykes ’24

“I have probably been [volunteering there] since I was about four years old in shelters near my home, ”Goldberg said. “I have organized food drives like this at my elementary school and I was really delighted to be able to offer this opportunity here. “

Bear Boxes chief Kendra Ross ’23, who had set up a wristband and card making station during the break, said she was excited about the Bear Box activity going.

“I am very happy with the way our Bear Boxes business has gone and the club as a whole,” said Ross. “It’s wonderful to see so many people eager to help and get involved with Bear Boxes and the Community Service Week definitely showed the generosity and lively energy of the students.”

Later that week, the school hosted a Special Olympics Seminar, an athletic training program for adults with disabilities.

Siji Smolev ’22 said it was interesting to learn about different areas outside of the school environment.

“I think it serves a really important purpose in our community because it educates people about the world outside of our Harvard Westlake bubble, and it inspires people to give back to the Los Angeles community that they could have disconnected as than high school students. “said Smolev.

Jill E. Washington