A new municipal committee will look into services for seniors and a potential community center |

Council members Roy Lee and Gregg A. Carty were named to the inaugural Senior Services Ad Hoc Committee on Monday, the committee’s first official launch after longstanding resident push for city-based senior programming.

The committee will review community needs for a seniors/community center and come back to council with recommendations on how a seniors services program might look like Carpinteria; he will have his report by December 31, 2022.

“I’m glad to see this on our agenda, and I’m excited to get started as soon as possible,” board member Carty said Monday.

The movement to create programs for seniors services and a seniors/community center in Carpinteria has been in the works for a long time. it gained momentum at the city’s annual work plan meeting in January, when several community members urged city leaders to formally examine the potential for a seniors’ center, citing a urgently needed services for the elderly and the large elderly population of Carpinteria.

Deputy City Manager Michael Ramirez told council in March that 27.4% of Carpinteria residents were over 60, eight points above the state average. He then added that the data confirmed the need for services for seniors in Carpinteria.

Carpinterian Rosalyn Kohute, who also attended the January business meeting, on Monday thanked the council for its support and said area seniors support the move.

“I think a (community/senior center) invariably fits in, and the town of Carpinteria would certainly thrive on having that center sooner rather than later,” Kohute told council Monday. “There is a group of us who would also like to actively participate in any way possible.”

Local Roberta Lehtinen, a member of Seniors Inc., told the council she had visited senior centers in Buellton and Solvang and praised them for their catering services, exercise classes and other activities. .

“I think it’s really good that we’re starting on that,” Lehtinen said. “It’s a big elephant. Maybe if we take a few bites at a time, something for seniors to start with… (it will be) a whole different ball game.

Jill E. Washington