$16.5 Million Tax Hike Antioch Township Community Center Seems Headed for Defeat

A request in Antioch Township to pay higher taxes to fund a combined $16.5 million town hall, multi-purpose seniors’ center and community center appears to have been rejected by voters.

Unofficial results as of 10:20 p.m. Tuesday, along with interim and late mail-in ballots, showed nearly two-thirds of voters opposed issuing township bonds to pay for construction of the center on 12 acres donated by the village of Antioch at North Avenue and Nelson Road.

Unofficial results showed 6,516 against the measure against 3,632 for. The totals included early voting and Election Day and mail-in ballots.

Owners of a home worth $200,000 would have paid about $106 more per year in taxes for the installation. Officials say the plan was prompted by a need for more space for activities and services for older people, but the center was designed to benefit all segments of the community.

Supporters said the center included space for gatherings and recreational activities, community classes, meetings and parties and other elements.

During the campaign, residents were asked to “vote yes for progress”.

Township Supervisor Tom Shaughnessy said if the tax hike issue is defeated, supporters will regroup and assess next steps in the continued pursuit of the plan.


Township officials said there is a need for space to provide services and programs to a growing senior population.

The idea was that residents deserve a place where seniors can participate in programs and activities tailored to their interests and where people with reduced mobility and children can train and play in their own community.

The last two questions on the tax increase in the Antioch region were approved. Voters approved measures for the Antioch Public Library District in November 2020 and in June for the first Antioch Township Fire Protection District.

Jill E. Washington